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In fact Britain has control of its borders: people coming into the country go through passport control. The UK can and has turned back people, including EU nationals,with criminal records or considered a threat to security. Whether the new electronic system is effective is open to question but that was always a choice xia tarantallegra album lyrics adele for the British government. To significantly strengthen such controls would require either a massive increase in border staff to subject travellers to intense scrutiny and long queues or some way of cutting the number of visitors. Third, the Leave allegra deloney net battle bus was emblazoned with a statement that Britain would save ¬350m a month by leaving the EU and that this will be used to increase funding for the NHS. When Dr Sarah Wollaston, a Conservative MP and medical doctor, changed sides from Leave to Remain during the campaign in disgust at this flagrant lie, the Leave albu, announced that their position had not changed and the sum to go to the NHS remained on their bus. Immediately after the campaign it was dropped like albu, hot cake because they know that leaving the EU will save less than half the ¬350m and given other demands no government could afford to increase spending on the NHS to that extent without raising taxes.

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