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MANIFESTATION: Cash bonuses. INTERPRETATION: Inextricably linked with cash, the Ten of Clubs is very much a card of material benefits - usually ones that are delightfully unexpected. It often refers to a lump sum, such as a bonus, a gambling win, a legacy, or windfall of some kind. Do not expect untold wealth to pour in, but you can look forward, at the very least, to some extra spending money. This card may augur a vibrant new phase for practical, financial matters, suggesting significant improvements plus tangible rewards for ventanni allegramente mp3 efforts, actions and investments. Sometimes this card refers to a money-spinning idea or project that suddenly takes flight. It could equally herald rallegrarsi oltre ogni dire sudden breakthrough after a rather dreary period of routine work. REVERSED: The only disadvantage signified by the Ten of Clubs reversed is one of delay. Delightful benefits are still in store for you, but you may become frustrated and despondent while you are forced to play a waiting game.

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