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3) La mia famiglia. viennesw Le feste che mi vedova allegra valzer viennese il mio cocker quando la sera rientro a casa. 5) Andare alla Montagnetta di San Siro col mio cane. 6) Commuovermi guardando un film. 7) Essere interista. 9) Le tagliatelle al ragĂ fatte in casa da mia mamma. 10)Sapere che in realtĂ  potrei elencare altre 10.

In a 1976 interview with Dutch music magazine Oorthe author wrote that Vangelis had a wife named Veronique Skawinska, a photographer who had done some album art work for Vangelis. [14] [65] An interview in 1982 with Backstage music magazine suggests that Vangelis had previously been married to a singer named Vana Verouti, [66] [67] who had performed vocals on some of his records, performing for the first time with him on La FĂte sauvage vedova allegra valzer viennese later on Heaven and Hell. Musical style and compositional process [ edit ] The musical style of Vangelis is diverse; although he primarily uses electronic music instruments, which characterize electronic music, his music has been described as a mixture of electronica, [68] classical (his music is often symphonic), progressive rock, [69] jazz (improvisations), [16] ambient, [69] [70] avant-gardeexperimental, [69] [71] world, [16] [72] and new-age. [71] Vangelis is often categorized as a New-age composer, but some consider it an erroneous classification. Vangelis considers it a style which "gave the opportunity for untalented people to vedova allegra valzer viennese very boring music". [3] As a musician who has always composed and allegra lumpe homepagers primarily on keyboards, Vangelis relies heavily on synthesizers [73] and other electronic approaches to music. However, he also plays and uses many acoustic instruments (including folk [1] ) and choirs: I don't always play synthesizers.

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