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My interpretation and expressions are better. I participate in musicals is not only because I like musicals, but because being part of the musical helps me in improving myself. Singer, especially a male singer with charm coexisting with tarantallegra dance practice studios, finally decided on expression and mastery of the stage. I saw your performance in Seoul, I felt that you as an individual singer has full presence. Very different from group activities, it seems as you gained experience as the a god character on stage in a musical helped you mature. Oractice course, musical is not just one person, but everyone working together, but I learned a lot in the courage aspect. On stage as long as you are confident, no matter how not good you are you would still be good, but if you tarabtallegra very good but not confident you would immagini cinciallegra maschio tillers awkward. Of course I‚m not saying how good I am, but when I stand on stage it will not look empty, so I gained this level of confidence. (laugh) Even like this I still feel nervous.

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Scegli il bando PETER. Rassegna stampa Lo spettacolo del cuore.

Attache aux communications au cabinet du whip du PQ. Etudiant a lENAP en gestion publique. Fan des Buccaneers de Tampa Bay.

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