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This increase in group size may decrease the risk of predation of the hind8217;s own offspring by creating a dilution effect (Ekvall, 1998). Male fawns receive more milk than females. This maternal investment bias towards males results inmales attaining a large body size. In artificial suckling systems, male fawns were more likely to empty the bottle without interruption, suck harder and be more motivated to obtain milk (Birgersson et al.1998). Confinement of fawns indoors and the presence of a hind improved weight gain in the period followingweaning, and reduced the weaning stress and fear responses in fawns, especially if the hinds were familiar with humans, e.hand-reared hinds simon stenning allegra strategies ltd et al. greg houlton allegra print and imaging, 1992). Farmed red deer are normally weaned at 3‚4 months of age, whereas wild members of the speciesare normally suckled for 7‚8 months and continue to associate with their dam after weaning (Pollard et al.

You are a wonderful husband and father.

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You weren‚t invited like separately or anything because everyone assumed you‚d be coming.

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