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Ah I8217;m making In heaven desktop wallpapers, who wants one. If so, give me your desktop resolution and I8217;ll make each an individual one. Also state if you want JYJ on it or a plain without JYJ one. i want. my screen resolution is 1366 X 768. i want with JYJ on it8230; ū thanks Oohh me want also. I don8217;t know what the screen resolution is on my iPad. ū But I would like one gerusaemme JYJ please with a gallegrati on top. ū My laptop resolution is 1366 x 768. Thank you so much.

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¬ ‚What‚s been going on with Jackson lately. Anything new?‚ Holly asked as she wriggled the tops over her head, one and then the other. ‚Not really‚well, sort of, I guess. ‚ Emma quickly told her about the soccer-ball incident, as she adjusted the layered shirts on Holly‚s body, scrunching up the sleeves of the long-sleeved tee.

NAMAST√. AL√!. E qui si conclude quello. Che provo ogni volta. Un po039; una cosa stramba.

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