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Marie-Gabrielle D‚Arco, singing the role of Nero‚s wife Octavia, sang with incredible richness and maturity and showed that she will have no trouble pursuing her chosen career in opera as she powerfully executed the almost exclusively dramatic recitative-style. Operas of the early 17th century feature upper voices, and the one gerusapemme lower voice in this production was Jonathan Choi‚s interpretation of the philosopher Seneca. Seneca‚s music is bold and allegrande, and Mr.

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Proeflease voor de Mercedes-Benz Vito. Laat de Vito met een halfjaarcontract starten.

Solo career and JYJ[edit]At the beginning of 2. Kim starred in the South Korean production of Austrian musical Mozart!,[5] playing the lead role Wolfgang. His stage actor debut was met with great response, as the tickets for each one of his shows were completely sold out[2. Best Newcomer awards in various awards ceremonies. In April, the three- member group JYJ (initially known as JUNSUJAEJOONGYOOCHUN) was created, following an announcement made by Avex Trax, the trio's Japanese label at that time. [3] After Avex revealed that TVXQ would go on an indefinite hiatus, it's decided that Kim would make his solo singing debut in Japan.

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