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His first UK single to chart was in 1975, Happy to Be on an Island in the Sun written by a Northern Irishman David Lewis with the record reaching No. 5 on the charts. His popularity in the rest of Europe, but not the UK, Philips Records released a four-song record of the same name, which was the first extended play to top the UK singles chart. He was equally successful across Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, in 1973, Roussos made one of his earliest television appearances on The Basil Brush Show and also appeared on Nana Mouskouris TV show in the UK.

The song is about my dad â I lost him in 2009. I didnât have the tightest relationship with him when I was young because my parents got divorced when I was very young. I only got more in touch with him when I was 18, and he passed just a few years after that. I always regret the time I didnât get with him and thatâs what the song is about.

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