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┬Really. People. We never get people,Ô Emma joked, though she had to admit her curiosity was definitely piqued.

Indeed one of the best junsu interview. n bravo to the 10asiastar journalist for this great interview. i can tell this man or woman has done a deep research of junsu (or maybe a fan of junsu?) really love this interview ­ it works Junsu ah, so surprised of ur frankly opinion amp; thoughts. we surely feel ur truly passion, it gives us encouragement as well plz grow more amp; more, JYJ fighting. lollypop : feel the same, so proud when Indonesia8217;s mentioned ­ I really loved this very interesting interview with Junsu!.

My everything. My number one. You are the light of my life. Dominic Kelii Esteban Daphne and Paul Luders Beloved.]