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Given that immigration, which is linked to but not the same as free movement, was the most important reason for the Leave vote in the UK referendum, it is politically essential for the UK government to win concessions on the issue. There are however precedents for the Market not being indivisible. Norway is in theory considered fully part of the Market but has its own policies for agriculture, fisheries and oil and gas extraction and production, all of which impact on the Market. Switzerland goes further by having sectoral agreements which effectively make it part of the Market in some areas, although not the key one of financial services. Even within the EU, provinces of Austria can limit investment in property, so that holiday resorts are not bought up by foreigners, provided snoh allegra the fall mp3 restrictions apply to people from other provinces in Austria. The UK can argue that it has taken, and mi moneda allegra necklace likely even outside the EU to continue to take more net immigration from EU countries, than most other EU member states do. It can also point out that migration where it becomes permanent has a deeper impact on a countrys society than the other three forms of movement. It could point out that Estonia now has a movement to reduce emigration.

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