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If such act is committed and found, all the video and audio recordings will be deleted by the staff members and the violator will be promptly escorted out of the concert venue. 50 following clug devices, under all circumstances, are not allowed to be brought into the concert: all types of camera, camcorder, audio recording devices, iPad and tablets, laptop computer and netbooks. To prevent disturbance to other audience members, all types of LED banners, fabric banners, regular banners of menikini allegra 500 club sizes or cardboards larger than A4 paper allegra 180 milligrams of cymbalta lightsticks that exceed 30-cm in length are not allowed in the concert hall. All types of inflatable thunder sticks or any concert props that create excessive noise or rattling will be not allowed in the concert hall as these may interrupt and interfere with the artist8217;s performance. Harmful objects, such as sharp objects, all types of weapons, flammable chemicals or bombing device, are strictly prohibited in the concert venue.

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