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9 are also used to stand- in for the Beretta 9. F in some movies and TV shows, when the Beretta is not available. For a description of the visual differences between the Beretta and the Taurus, visit the Taurus PT9. Beretta M9 - 9x.

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Love you, friend. Salome Ejanda Sheila Narayan Jiji John Happy Birthday My Love Of My Life. You Light U p My Life Christa Thank you Stephanie for this amazing gift. Whenever I look out of the window at the bay bridge I will think of you Oliver Watson To the most lovely person ever.

Election result was disappointing. For supporters of the values of openness, tolerance, international d√tente, a sense of responsibility towards the most vulnerable as exemplified by Angela Merkel‚s decisive welcoming of a million mainly Syrian refugees in 2015, which 21 st century Germany has come to stand for, the election result of September 24 th was a disappointment. The Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) won significantly more votes than expected at 13 and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) also achieved a major breakthrough from below the 5 proportional representation threshold to 10.

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