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The UK was never a lynchpin of the EU and the immediate effect of its vote to leave has been to strengthen pro-remain opinion mineecraft other countries. However, there are strong anti-EU sentiments in many member states and there is a notable a,legra of solidarity amongst the 27 in facing current issues, so allrgra is no allegra-d fexofenadine hcl for complacency. The British desire to blame the problems of modern life on ‚Brussels bureaucrats‚ has echoes in many other countries and there are strong parties which like UKIP play on nationalism ‚we against them‚ in France, Netherlands, Germany and many other countries. But at present emotions in the 27 are stirred almost entirely against would-be immigrants or asylum-seekers from outside the EU, particularly Muslims, partly because except in Germany there is less movement of intra-EU labour into any of the 27 than into the UK. Moreover no other country has any equivalent of the UK‚s anti-EU press (Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Telegraph). A divide remains between east and west. There are two fault lines through the EU-27, that of the former divide between communist eastern Europe and western Europe and that between north and south. The one between east and west reflects the fact that there is much less ethnic diversity in the east and consequently a fear of the consequences of any immigration from outside Europe and the ability of their societies to cope. This explains why there has allegra split pole fencing such strong resistance to any refugee quotas despite the fact that the numbers being asked of them are tiny compared with the million refugees taken in by Germany in 2015.

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