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The award is the highest honour the space agency presents to an individual not involved with the American government. [84] Five years later, in 2008, the board of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens voted to make Vangelis an Honorary Doctor, making him Professor Emeritus at their Faculty of Primary Education. [85] In June 2008, the American Hellenic Institute honoured Vangelis with an AHI Hellenic Heritage Achievement Award for his "exceptional artistic achievements" as a pioneer in electronic music and for his lifelong dedication to the promotion of Hellenism through the arts. [86] On 16 September 2013, he received the honour of appearing on the Greek 80 cent postage stamp, as part of a series of zorn tod und regen rezension allegra distinguished sierra boggess allegra boggess elementary personalities of the Greek Diaspora. [87] Discography [ edit ] (1970) Sex Power (Soundtrack) (1972) Fais Que Ton Rve Soit Allegra dibonaventura hogan Long Que la Nuit (Pome Symphonique) (1973) L'Apocalypse des Animaux (Soundtrack) (1973) Earth (1975) Ignacio Do You Hear the Dogs Barking (Soundtrack) (1975) Heaven and Hell (1976) La Fte Sauvage (Soundtrack) (1976) Albedo 0. 39 (1977) Spiral (1978) Beaubourg (1978) Hypothesis (unofficial) (1978) The Dragon (unofficial) (1979) China (1979) Opera Sauvage (Soundtrack) (1980) See You Later (1981) Chariots of Fire (Soundtrack) (1982) Blade Runner (Soundtrack) (1983) Antarctica (Soundtrack) (1984) Soil Festivities (1985) Mask (1985) Invisible Connections (1988) Direct (1990) The City (1992) 1492: Conquest of Paradise (Soundtrack) (1995) Foros Timis Ston Greco (1995) Voices (1996) Oceanic (1998) El Greco (2001) Mythodea Music for the NASA Mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey (2004) Alexander (Soundtrack) (2007) Blade Runner Trilogy: 25th Anniversary (Soundtrack) (2007) El Greco: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2012) Chariots of Fire The Play: Music From The Stage Show (2016) Rosetta. See also [ edit ] Notes [ edit ] Greek: υ υ ΠθυIPA:160; [evaelos oiseas papaθanasiu] Vangelis (Greek: Hotel allegra pontresina svizzeraIPA:160; [vaelis] ) is a Greek diminutive of Evangelos. He pronounces his own name as v l Hotel allegra pontresina svizzera s in English, but it is also heard as v n d l s. References [ edit ] a b c d e f g h i Thomas S. Hischak (2015).

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I love you, Laurie Carolyn amp; Jerry Waissman In honor of my sister, whose light shone brilliantly, but not long enough. Betsy In honor of my father, a brilliant guiding light.

A dose of 30 mg once daily is recommended as the starting dose in pediatric patients with decreased renal function [see Clinical Pharmacology (12. 3 )]. ALLEGRA ODT is designed to disintegrate on the tongue, followed by swallowing with or without water. ALLEGRA ODT should be taken on an empty stomach.

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