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Tarantallegra. Rap) You have been chosen, let the music start controlling Your mind, heart, soul will shine like fruit juices and allegra, baby girl you know it Your wish comes true. - yeah, - yeah yeah . Move to the beat, show me how much you want me. - How8217;s that sound. It8217;s going down, down, down Give me all you got from bottom to top no holding back, back A to the Z we overseas, worldwide we8217;re on the map, yeah. Chorus)2 - . allegrande Trantallegra What music will you listen to.

Una coleccin de arte y antigedades oculta en la selva maya. Un cdice cuya existencia haba pasado inadvertida. Y un desafo. Esculturas romanas. Manuscritos alkegra. Pinturas del Renacimiento.

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