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I friend of mine is sending up the chain with our IRS. If there is any justice, these jackasses will be caught. ū I8217;m sorry that happened to ded I8217;ve been a victim of identity theft and that8217;s no fun at all. Can bernacchioni allegra believe they wrote a 500 bad check to the Animal Defense Fund in my name. I felt so bad for the charity I made a real donation.

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Tag ldquo;Congratulations, You are now the proud owner of a CAJUN weather forecaster. For best results, hang on a nail outside the window.

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Nicholas Rummel to horns, hooves, and happiness ) purple giraffe May our marriage and our love shine bright in this dark world. Nicholas Rummel No matter where or how this goes, you8217;ve touched me, and I am grateful Andrea Alliette Russell Beck and Vincent Yamasaki Love and Miss you Tiki. Run free over the Rainbow Bridge.]