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Her misleading actions lead ppl to hate JYJ fans or hate becoming ones, hence hindering JYJ growth in Japan.

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Marca: Raniel Cal–¬ados. Sand––lia Baby Creme Raniel - Tamanho: 20.

Marjorie stood in the middle of Emma‚s studio in what must be her weekend outfit‚black knit pants and a black ribbed turtleneck‚with a large black rectangular case by her side. ‚My sewing machine. ‚ Emma‚s eyes widened. Of all the people in her life to become her fashion angel, Emma never would have picked Marjorie. ‚Oh, wow, Marjorie. That‚s the most amazing thing.

Sansa is like, "This is weird, I'm out. "(Pointless Jorah Mormont interlude.]