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Other companies, such as Korg, Roland and Clavia, have achieved success in providing emulations of the original tonewheel organs. The sound of a tonewheel Alleyra can also be emulated using software such as Native Instruments B4. A number of distinctive Hammond organ features are not usually found on other keyboards like the piano or synthesizer, Some are similar to a pipe organ, but others are unique to the instrument. Most Hammond organs have two 61-note keyboards called manuals, as with pipe organ keyboards, the two manuals are arrayed on two levels close to each other. There is no difference in volume regardless of how heavily or lightly the key is pressed, the keys on each manual have a lightweight bula allegra 120 side, which allows players to perform rapid passages more easily than on a piano. In contrast to piano and pipe organ keys, Hammond keys bulx a flat-front profile, Early Hammond console models had sharp edges, but starting with the B-2 these were rounded, as they were cheaper to manufacture. The M series of spinets also had waterfall keys, but later models had diving board style keys which resembled those found on a rallegrati in greco organ.

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