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Its not a word on it own and like i said the spell is used from long ago the writer can not claim tarantallegra audiology to a witchcraft spell found in the past ur making me doubt myself the word was there before the author was born what gives everyone worrying making me worry. By the way one of the reasons i think this could never be a legal issue is cause like EnglishLatin also changes the spelling of the word when Grammer is addedlook at the word Teachit changes into Teacher when u add ER to iti mean if ur going to use a latin word or a greek word u ten to use latin or greek grammer to give it another meaningif the first part mean dance then u want to make it into leg dance u use the word dancing legs it is still in that language i don8217;t think u can go sue someone for saying far fetched when they use the word far fetched in a title of an episode of their cartoon series. it all latin words here found in latin language how can u sue someone for using words in a language when u use it urself there is NO INVENTION HERE. thanks for listening And again, LOL J. Rowling allegra printing logo on material own every single word in allegranzi pittet 2009 calendar book, only what they mean written together. If she owned them, no one could be able to speak english again under penalty of being sued by her LOL The vocabulary she used to write her book can be used by anyone, it doesn鈚 belong to her. The story she made up using those words belongs to her. It鈙 just common sense LOL.

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