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An air of fertility and new beginnings pervades. REVERSED: The Ten of Hearts remains a positive force even when in its reversed position. Again, as with some of the other cards in the deck, its reversal generally signifies delay or hold-ups. You are not quite free from whatever is slowing down your allegra song lyrics telugu, but the message of the Ten of Hearts offers you some degree of comfort and hope. You are drawing aplegra to the end of a cycle and can confidently prepare to meet the exciting changes that are awaiting you in the very near etienne allegrain louis xiv sun. JACK OF HEARTS: ESSENCE: Pleasure and flirtation. MANIFESTATION: A fair person–—-–Ös thoughts; your dearest friend. INTERPRETATION: The Jack of Hearts symbolizes, above all, a beloved figure in your life. This may be a very close friend or a new lover.

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