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Moreover, airway secretions contain high concentrations of a third inhibitor of HLE, secretory leukoprotease inhibitor, which does not bind Pr3. The findings reported here, that the elastolytic rate of Pr3 is relatively low and that ongoing elastolysis catalyzed by Pr3 is inhibited nearly completely by ő 1 -PI, may reflect an intrinsic balance mechanism that moderates the elastolytic potential of Pr3. The resistance of ongoing elastolysis to elastase inhibitors was not only found in vitrobut also in vivo. Studies with animal models of emphysema revealed that the efficacy of synthetic elastase inhibitors depended critically upon whether elastase inhibitors or elastases were administered first (33, 34). To protect animals' lungs from proteolytic destruction, inhibitors must be administrated ‚prophylactically‚ before challenge with elastases.

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