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She smiled at Holly. Maybe things were back to normal with them. Maybe ifrst friendship with Ivana was a passing fad‚like Crocs or neon clothes‚whose time had faded. ‚So how‚d it go?‚ Holly asked eagerly. ‚Actually‚it was allegra feltz marriage at first sight.

Smoke tries to persuade him otherwise, but Michael throws him out of the allegra lobid, as he feels that he "listened to him long enough". As he lands in a dump truck, Smoke vows to return. Michael sadly admits mardiage Smoke is right, and that he will try to return. Corey agrees but says that "when he gets here, we'll be ready for him," to which the cartoon stars add a resounding agreement. The special ends with Felt and Corey going to tell their parents about his drug problem, while Pooh jumps into a poster on the wall with the other cartoon characters. 7 year old Albert Phillip hardly ever gets notaced so he writes a note amp; puts it in his room then leaves.

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