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" John Haugen, MD, a family practitioner at HealthSystem Minnesota, allegra drug monograph WebMD "The most important implications for the patient is that there's an alternative, nonsedating antihistamine [to others on the market]. " However, cost issues may allegra-d 12 hour price patients from getting the drug, according to James A. Wille, MD, an allergist with Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines. "Patients will now have another good treatment option that is safe and effective and not likely to interfere with their day-to-day life. But it depends on whether or not it is competitively priced and if managed care [pharmacies] will want to pay for it and use it as a preferred product.

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One of these should do the trick, she thought. At the last moment, she whisked a whisper-thin, long-sleeve cream T-shirt and a flirty white ruffled tank off a nearby table‚just in case. She burst through the entrance of the dressing room, somewhat out of breath. Kayla and Shannon sat on a couch, flipping through the store catalog. ‚You totally just made it,‚ Kayla remarked.

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