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The coup attempt and the ongoing political purges is seen as increasing risks for international investors and the terror attacks are discouraging tourists.

The album features artists Tablo, Dok2 and Naul from Brown Eyed Soul. JYJs Junsu has revealed plans to release a special edition album on May 28. The special edition album will include a disco punk mix version of X Song, an instrumental of Flower, music videos, album jacket filming making video, a DVD including his interviews, and more than fifty previously unreleased photos. 8220;Reach8221; (Lyrics by: XIA Music by: Alex von Soos) 8220; Nabi Butterfly8221; (JUNO, J. Kimb Music by: 2JAJA, Hoi Jang-nim) 8220; Kkot Flower8221; (Lyrics by: XIA, Kim Tae-won Music by: Tablo XIA, Kim Tae-won) 8220; Na-ui bam My Night8221; (Lyrics amp; Music by: Naul) 8220;Out of Control8221; (Lyrics by: XIA Music by: YDG Fraktal) 8220;X Song8221; (Lyrics by: XIA Music by: XIA, Kwon Bin-gi) 8220;License to Love8221; (Lyrics by: XIA, Lisa Desmond, Christian Fast, Henrik Goransson Music by: Lisa Desmond, Christian Fast, Henrik Goransson) 8220;Musical in Life8221; (Lyrics by: XIA Music by: Hoi Jang-nim, Jeong Jae-yeop 8220;Love You More8221; JUNO, J. Kimb Ben Earle) 8220;F.