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Premiered in 2000 when Carter was 90 (he was active through most of his incredible 103 years), Tempo e Tempi combined Carter‚s settings of allegra-d fexofenadine hcl Italian poets into a work which explored a wide range of instrumental combinations and effects. Laqua der fluch der schwarzen gondel rezension allegra doubled on both clarinet and bass clarinet, and Matt Sullivan played both oboe and English horn as the other players handled syncopations and ostinato well. With instruments often in competing meters, this piece was described before the performance as ‚redefining what it means to play together,‚ and the Richardson Chamber Players‚ performance found the complexities within the piece. The Players closed the concert with Aaron Copland‚s Quiet Citybringing together an ensemble of both professional and student musicians. Even though no longer connected to a play in its format as a concert piece, Copland‚s work was programmatic in its dialogue between trumpet and Allegra apartments in irvine horn, played by Wayne du Maine and Matt Sullivan, respectively. The play for which the piece was written was not successful, but Copland‚s depiction of a ‚nocturnal cityscape‚ was effective in capturing the broad spaciousness of music found in other Copland works. du Maine showed his vast experience in jazz, complemented by Mr.

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The characters at Manuel‚s house are equally motionless: ‚We are isolated from everything here. We turn into statues‚,8 wails Utrera. Juliana‚s house has ‚impenetrable regions‚9; it is ‚so big that for each other we were lost in it‚10. Likewise, Manuel‚s house is both an island and a labyrinth11. Later on, Minaya reflects on the characters living there and relates their immobility to the house and M√gina itself12: ‚Shipwrecked people, [. ], in a city that is now, and has been for three centuries, a motionless shipwreck [.

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